Gariner BB Cream

I Received my Free Full Size Product of Gariner BB Cream from BzzAgent!! Let me tell you I was sooo Impressed by this product! My skin is super oily, I have large pores on my skin, uneven skin tone, just of bunch of skin craziness going on. This BB creme is highly pigmented and oil free!! This is my new go to for those mornings I don’t want to do my full face routine! Also, this product will be super great for summer because it comes with an SPF of 20. Perfect to throw into your beach bag and keep looking flawless while at the beach or anytime!!! Its not heavy, doesn’t give you a caked on look, and makes you look like you’re glowing!!! This product seriously delivers!! Go out a try it today!!! FYI if you stop by Garnier’s Facebook page they even have $1.00 coupon !!




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What did you get for Christmas?



I haven’t even played with it yet! I’ve been so busy with holiday tomfoolery that I’ve barely cracked into it. I use to be a huge TEMPTU fan when it was first introduced through Sephora. People always complained that the pods didn’t work or they didn’t like the formula. I had no problem with either, I would still use it but Sephora has stop selling the brand and now TEMPTU has branched out on their own. Which kinda irks me because I wasn’t given any warning this would be happening! ANYWAY….sorry for the rant! But YAY for DINAIR!!! I can mix my own colors, give myself a spray tan, eyeshadow, eyebrows…….gawdddddd Im gonna be looking so fancy now!!!

Hard Candy Glitter Liner Review


Im in head over heals in love with these glitter liners. They are a great dupe to TooFaced Starry-Eyed. And you can’t beat the price! Hard Candy only $6.00 compared to TooFaced at $17.50. For a better effect and strong look definitely use a colored liner under the glitter It drys kinda slow so I suggest placing your blow dryer on low and giving it a couple of passes to set. As you can see in the picture the left side is just the glitter alone and the right has a colored liner under it.You can see the pop! and what a great time to start glittering up those lids since the holidays and parties are knocking at your door!!

*Hard Candy Cosmetics can be found at Walmart”

Look like a rockstar in 3,2,1

532655_506080062764973_722263719_nBuy 1 pair of Snooki Shades, get one FREE! Use Coupon Code: SnookiClaus at

I own a pair of these bad boys only in green! I loveeeeeee them… Funky,cool and gives you an edge! and only $20 a pair….So you’re really only paying $10 for both! Don’t miss this steal of a deal!!!!


First of many makeup reviews!

Tonight I stepped out of my makeup comfort zone, which is basically anything MAC makes or Sephora carries. Unfortunately, I was dragged into Walmart and spent most of my prison sentence aka time there in the makeup aisle….So, I scooped up the following items: WetnWild H20 Liquid eyeliner in Ultra Black, Hard Candy Glamoflauge, Hard Candy Glossaholic in Confection,and Hard Candy Blush in Living Doll. My review for the products listed are actually pretty stellar and not at all disappointing!

WetnWilds Liquid eyeliner is not only (a) Waterproof (it seriously was almost impossible to take off) (b) not really a great fluid line but, you could go over it twice for a true black (c) the brush is kinda pointy and hard but, appears like it will get soften with use (d) only $4.00

Hard Candy Glamoflauge, I’ve seen it on a ton of makeup blogs as it being a great cheap concealer..they weren’t kidding! its only $6.00 and its totally completely worth it. Its non oily, doesn’t tug at the skin and brightens those dark circles instantly. It is very heavy coverage but, easily blends out. The package came with a bonus a small concealer pencil. Its intended use was to cover tattoos, I love it for defining my eyebrows.

Hard Candy Glossaholic in Confection, I have to say this is the one I was kinda worried about. Mostly, because cheaper brands tend to smell like playdoh and are extremely waxy. Only to find out its a pretty close dupe to MACs Dazzleglass in Babysparks( instead of the hints of blue glitter its more of transparent glitter) . The applicator brush is huge (not a fan), smells like cupcakes (drooollllsssss) and great over lipstick or by itself and only $6.00.

Last but not least, Hard Candy Blush in Living Doll $6.00. Another amazing dupe to MACs mineralized blushes. Its a very vibrant pink with a soft shimmery gold thru it. I hate blushes and mostly just stick with bronzers. But, this gives such a great glow/snow kissed look that I think I’ll have to wear blush more often.

Hope you enjoyed my little review 🙂Image