Fun Giveaways around Facebook and YouTube

I love giveaways! Who doesn’t love free awesome things? anyway here’s a couple of giveaways going on right now that you may not know about!



One lucky winner will win 1 Red Apple Lipstick OR

1 Red Apple Lip Gloss

( You Pick The Color )(Giveaway will run until FEB 6, 2013 (5pm)

MUST Like Red Apple Lipstick Facebook Page
MUST Like The Glam Goddess Facebook Page
MUST Share This Picture And Simply Write You Entered In The Comment Section !!



1.NYX Black Label Lipstick in Seductive (Rich Purple Color)
2.NYX Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi
3. NYX Pump it up Lip Plumper
4.NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and Black Bean
5. NYX Felt Tip Eyeliner in Dark Brown
6. NYX mesh bag

1. Like and share this post. Make sure this share is set to public so I can check.
2. Comment Below that you did so and which NYX Product is your favorite.
3. You can enter 1x per day by sharing and commenting on this post ONLY.

I will announce the winner using once I hit 2500 LIKES. This is open internationally.

Currently at 2,400 likes.
current likes 1,290
Advanced prize 🙂 Starts as soon as I hit 1500
Samples, 3 nail polishes, inglot freedom style palette, 2 Pretty Addictions Glitters, 3 pretty addiction eyeshadows, shattered pearls, sample of mOn Ennius jinx, 2 fullsize ME glitters, urban decay liners, 24/7 glide on shadow, mascara and sample of BB cream.
Not pictured:
A piece of jewelry from PanArt
beginner prize 🙂 Starts as soon as I hit 1500
Samples of all sorts of things, 3 nail polishes, 4 fullsize indie eyeshadows, 10 Small ME shadows/ sparkle bombs, NARS lipgloss, two NYX pearl mania pigments, 2 redcherry lashes, TONS of BFTE samples and an elf eyeshadow brush.

**not pictured: a jewelry piece by PanArt 🙂


Published on Jan 25, 2013

Hi guys, here is a BH Cosmetics giveaway!

Rules To Enter:
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2) Visit BH Cosmetics on facebook, twitter or instagram (links are below)
3) On their page, write “@makeupbysona sent me for the giveaway”
Be sure to tag me on either one of the sites, so that I can see your comments and be able to select a winner.

This giveaway is open worldwide.
If you’re not over 18, please get your parents permission before entering.

I will select a winner in two weeks and announce it on my facebook fan page.

BH Cosmetics
Instagram @bhcosmetics

Connect with me
Instagram @makeupbsona

My blog!


Makeup Giveaway!! Lorac Pro Palette, Nars, Mac!

Published on Jan 28, 2013

Thanks for watching!! You made my day! Don’t forget to comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

YOU MUST ENTER BY 2/13/13 TO WIN. To enter the giveaway go to my blog and sign up for the newsletter!! You must also be a subscriber to my Youtube channel. 2 winners will be chosen by a random computerized drawing on February 14th, 2013. You must have your parent’s permission to enter if you are under 18. This Giveaway is open internationally!!


Published on Jan 24, 2013

!0 Be a subscriber of this channel:
2) Be a subscriber of S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics Channel:
3) Like my facebook page:
4) Like S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics facebook page:
5) Leave a comment on the Fat Girl Beautiful page or on this video letting us know what your custom color would be and what you would name it!

Contest ends at midnight on Feburary 1st (CST). I will pick a winner using and notify them on Feburary 2nd. Good luck!


1. Open Internationally
2. Contest open until February 11th, winner announced February 12th
3. Must be subscribed to this channel
4. Must comment under this video
5. Must be 18 or older OR have your parents permission if under 18



Published on Jan 29, 2013

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My instagram: katherinelouee
My facebook page:

Giveaway closes February 20th 2013 at 11.59pm EST


1. MUST be a subscriber of my channel

2. MUST follow me on instagram @katherinelouee (NEW INSTAGRAM) and if you DON’T have instagram, please follow me on twitter:

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4. One (1) winner will be chosen by and the winners will be contacted through Youtube inbox




Its Been Awhile……



Helloooo My Little Chick-a-dee’s!! I haven’t posted in forever! Sorry! Just everyday normal life getting in the way! But I have a SURPRISE in store!!! Just go over to my Facebook page for Glitter and Sex and if we get up to 300 Likes by this time next week, I’ll be doing a fun little giveaway! Stay Tuned!!! More details to come 🙂 XOXO

Link Below:



Seriously I want all of this amazing foot candy!! Best part they are all super affordable ! I stumbled upon this website thru my instagram whoring. And if I could buy the whole site I would no doubt! I mean I would have to Anna Nicole it up some at a few nursing homes but, a girls gotta do what shes gotta do! LOL JK!! Check out this site for fun, funky, bold looks! Im in Love!!!! Not to mention they have amazing dupes to some of the biggest names in the shoe game.

site below:




The Liebster Award



Hello my sugary little sea monsters! I was nominated for the Liebster Award for the first time ever! By the lovely and sensational Dandelion Whiskers  who granted me this amazing honor! (Please check her out)! The Liebster Award is an award given to up-an-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The rules are:

Share 11 facts about yourself.

Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.

Ask 11 questions of your own.

Nominate 11 bloggers.


Lets Start This Bad Boy……..

11 Amazing, Exciting, Glittery, Terrifying facts about me!

1. I really do have an obsession with glitter….I own every NYX glitter, MAC glitter and gloss (because there’s glitter in that) also a ton of off brand and independent companies glitter….I just really love to be sparklie and covered in glitter.  (Shout out to Ke$ha we should be friends)

2. My favorite animal is a Llama. LOL I know its out there! I have 3 stuffed Llamas…Their names are Mr.Jenkinson, Harold and Legs……(I also talk to them because Im crazy) …And if you ever YouTube Llamas with Hats. I can do a voice over any day! Literally have watched the 5 episodes more than 100X.

3. I love anything that has to do with the paranormal!! I even interviewed with a network for a up in coming paranormal show. Nope, not on it 😦

4. The best burger I ever ate and will eat is at Burger Bar at The New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas,NV.

5. I have Social Anxiety and Depression but, I am dealing with it and like to say I’m a work in Progress.

6. I have lived in Syracuse,NY for all my life but, not for to much longer. Because I will be relocating to Las Vegas, NV by this summer. Fingers crossed xxxxx

7. I have a very quirky personality and hope to show that more in upcoming YouTube videos! So stay tuned!!

8. In college I took Hotel Management and Culinary arts. I don’t use either! LOL but, my boyfriend is a Chef and hopefully one day we will own a restaurant or perhaps a Food Truck.

9. I hated Elementary and High school. I WAS SUCHHHHHH A LOSER. And everyone hated me! LOL I think a lot of people still do.

10. My nationality is 100% Polish. Most people think I’m Italian or Latina. Once at a bar a guy came up to me and said  “You are the prettiest black girl I have ever seen”  I said thank you!

11. I don’t drive. I’m 29 and I still have a learner’s permit ! lol Its a huge big fear for me.


Here are Dandelion Whiskers questions for me:

1. Who is your favorite band/musician in the whole wide word? gosh this is hard! I love so many types of music!ughhhh lets go with my most played album of the moment the band Fun.

2. Beaches or the mountains?Gahhhh! Another Hard one!!…. Beaches at dusk! and Mountains for Snow fun! sooo I’ll go with Beaches

3. Coffee or tea? Tea! I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste

4. What is the one thing you know you can cook really well? Eclair Pie (OMGGGG ITS HEAVEN IN A PAN)

5. If you could bring only one makeup item on an island, and you’re stranded with Ryan Gosling, what would it be? Fake lashes

6. Your favorite childhood memory? I have many but, I’ll go with DisneyWorld!

7. Your favorite youtube video of the moment? anything by Grav3yard Girl

8. What is your favorite book? Ghosts By Katherine Ramsland.

9. Do you have a pet? Please introduce me to your pet! I have 4 dogs ! …. Mojo he is a pek-a-poo, Puppy she is half chihuahua and italian grey hound….Sasha is a hugeeee yellow lab and Rocky who is my baby but hugeeeeee black lab.

10. If there’s one movie you have to tell me to watch, what movie would that be? God is bigger than Elvis  (OMG just tears and more tears and theres a llama)

11. Favorite makeup brand? GAHHHHHH WHYYYY!!!! I’ll say MAC  but, there is soooooo many!!!



My 11 Questions!!

1. Have you ever played naked Twister?

2.Before you started this questionnaire, what were you doing?

3.Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

4.Do you believe in love at first sight?

5. If you could travel any where in the world, where would it be?

6.Are you a morning person or a night owl?

7. Did you make any New Years Resolutions?

8.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

9.What was some good advice that you did not follow?

10. Lipstick or Lipgloss?

11.What is something unusual you like to eat?


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Try something new!!!

Hello my little cookie cakes !!! I recently posted about Pretty Addictions Makeup Giveaway and some of you can’t participate because of the whole social media aspect of it. NO WORRIES!! Kas the owner of Pretty Addictions is having this crazy amazing deal going on right now till the 13th of January! I’m not in any shape or form affiliated with this line but, I do love the colors and glitters! Here’s the Link bunnies….Have Fun!!

Also The Facebook Post 🙂


Are you new to Pretty Addictions? Right now is the PERFECT time to make your first purchase!!! We are offering our samplers automatically filled with twice the amount of product with no additional cost! You are getting twice as much product FREE! We offer samplers in 10, 20 or 30 packs.

BUT that isn’t it! ALL orders placed between now and January 13th will receive a FREE FULL SIZE 5g jar of Royal Rebel shadow with their purchase!

Please share this absolutely amazing offer with all of your friends!!!!



Hello My glam dolls! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday experience! I wanted to share this with you because not only is this a great way to try a new brand, but its free, fun, and all you have to do is like and follow the rules of this giveaway!! Good Luck 🙂


Want to win 12 shadows of YOUR (regular line shadows, NOT limited editions) choice? Simply comment below (in one comment, and must have all 12 listed) with your choices and THEN publicly share this picture with all your friends!!! Giveaway ends January 13th @ 6pm CST and winner will be announced via Facebook by 9pm January 13th.

Any submissions AFTER 6pm CST on the 13th will NOT be accounted for.

Prize will come with 12 shadows of your choice, cutely placed in the skull bucket shown!

*This giveaway is NOT affiliated with Facebook and is sole property of Pretty Addictions Cosmetics LLC.

2013: The Year Of Emerald Green


Each year Pantone, the color guru’s of America for the past 50 years, alongside style experts and fashion influencers decide what color should be trending across the globe. And this years color is (drum roll pleaseee) Emerald! A color that Pantone describes as brilliant and luxurious. Emerald green represents balance, harmony  and prosperity. Here are some cute finds that you can easily add to your wardrobe. Lets make 2013 a Kick Ass Kinda Year!!


Everything you see here is from Forever21 besides the shoes. I paired a vibrant emerald green top, a black faux leather skirt and a gold  pearl encrusted cross necklace all for under $50. The shoes are by Sam Edelman, they are this amazinggg gold color (picture does not do it justice),snake skin print with wonderful little black gems and studs. They are a splurge  at $189 but, I own a pair that I found at Nordstroms Rack and OMGGGG they are seriously the most comfortable high heeled shoes I own! Sometimes you can get lucky and find this brand at TJ MAXX or Marshals/Home Goods. Alternative shoe picks are anything in the gold/black family and cheetah print for sure. (I love meeee my animal prints).


Everything you see here is again from Forever21. This is a more avant-garde look but, with the right attitude you could totally rock it out and make it your own. The Tiger has green tones in it and they live in the forest and protect mounds of emeralds! yup, thats what they do in my mind lol. Anyway pair this hi lo tank up with some funky leggings or black hot pants . The faux leather gold studded biker vest is to die for and $42!! And those platform booties I adore, they have gold studding all over the stem and they are on sale!! PS. The Hi Lo tank and Vest are Forever21 Web Online Exclusives.


I should have named this the Forever21 Haul!!…. I love the bright flowers on the jacket it screams spring. The button up is pale white but with a little extra sparkle to pull the look together and get you noticed. Continuing with the Emerald theme a sassy pair of calm diggers and a sexy litte pink mary jane pump will make you look fresher than an Easter bouquet 🙂

But why stop I clothing? lets perk up that face with a few of my NYX Cosmetics favs!!


OMG that Green!!! This eye platte is know as I dream of St. Thomas….I love NYX shawdows they are amazing and super afforable at only $8.50


I own this Liner and I love it! The emerald green color is super highly pigmented and looks amazing by its self, over a neutral brown eye or gold glitter.  $5.50


Another favorite of mine is their loose pearl eye shadow. You can do so much with these loose minerals at only $3.oo

Another one of my favorite cosmetic lines are KA’OIR

kaoir-jamaica jamaica_sm_thumb

If you’re brave enough to go full on green this company has amazing highly pigmented lip color.


And if you want to take it up a notch! with glittteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!! I suggest you get yourself  Force Glitzstick Package.

So, lets have a fun awesome year! I hope you enjoyed what I had to share leave me comments and love 🙂 And if you could take a moment and LIKE my That would be awesome!! XOXO