Makeup Fun Time Yay!

Hellllllllllooooooooooooo my sprinkles!! I have felt like such crap lately! Like all I want to do is puke and swallow ibuprofen because my head has been killing me!!! How are you guys holding up? Hopefully better than me!!!

ANYWAYYY, A couple of days ago I decided to attempt the impossible recreation of Rose Shocks Alice in Wonderland look. OMGGGG I love her!!! seriously if you do not know who she is pleaseeeee stop reading this and google her, facebook her, instagram her, check out her blog.  For anyone who is still with me or if you just picked up where you left off after getting to know who I’m talking about good. Her makeup is insane, crazy amazing beautiful. I found out about her almost a year ago via Pinterest (gahhhh I love pinterest). I’m not a makeup artist or guru so after watching her tutorial ( I was like I will never be able to do that. But, I tried it…I  pretty much cursed through the whole application process lol but, i did it! Go team me!


*picture taken with digital camera, no filter.

Now its not exactly like hers (I know)  that’s never going to happen! Honestly I’m pretty stoked with how it came out. If I was using the same products (sugarpill cosmetics) as she was maybeeeee I could have nailed it down a little bit better. I used a montage of things….nyx, wetnwild, and mac. It did take me a while because I suck at blending (thats where all the swearing came in) . So, yeah that’s basically it… Is there anyone you’re inspired by? leave me a comment below, lets chat !


*picture taken with an Iphone



ImageHave you check out their new site? so many new styles and clothes to pick from! plus score that sweet bracelet (a $26 value) with any purchase! I’ve been into the word bracelets lately. Bc they go with anything and make a fierce statement only a true fashionista can! Not to mention Im head over heels in love with some of their new spring/summer 2013 swim suits…check these bad boys out!


The full body suite is totally up my alley! I’m a curvy girl and top heavy so I really don’t do bikinis…I’m usually the weirdo with the bikini top, tank top over that , board shorts lady. This suit is pricey at $160 but, its sexy and reminds me of a Hollywood Starlet. All you’re missing is a big rimmed hat, big black glass and sarong (animal print  for that super exotic feeling) . And of course a gorgeous tan pool boy to keep you well oiled 😉

The second stunner is a two piece, but is sold separately at $80 or $160 for the set. Don’t you just hate when they do that? gahhhh its like no I only want to cover my tits screw the bottoms! LOL or vice versa.  I really love the caged look behind these suits!  Definitely will make for some interesting tan lines lol….which is the only downside! But rock it at night at a pool party and you will be the belle of the ball 🙂



Seriously I want all of this amazing foot candy!! Best part they are all super affordable ! I stumbled upon this website thru my instagram whoring. And if I could buy the whole site I would no doubt! I mean I would have to Anna Nicole it up some at a few nursing homes but, a girls gotta do what shes gotta do! LOL JK!! Check out this site for fun, funky, bold looks! Im in Love!!!! Not to mention they have amazing dupes to some of the biggest names in the shoe game.

site below:




Bored ? Play dressup!!

I live in Upstate NY, and right now we are being pounded with snow! (GAHHH I LOVE SNOW). But, people freak out and shut the world down because they see one snowflake fly by. So, Im stuck indoors and I should do something productive like cleaning or something. BUT O NO, NOT ME!!…I go into full 3 year old mode and play dress up. Now, dont deny it! All of us girls and some boys out there love trying on every outfit we own, taking stupid pictures, doing your makeup differently, changing hairstyles whatever it is that makes you happy. Here are a couple of my past year boredom looks that I did. If you would like to know how I did my makeup or what products I used just leave me a little love 🙂



Scene Queen


The Vixen


Snow White


Sugar Skull


Prince Poppy Cock


Attention Hello Kitty Fans!



I am a die hard Hello Kitty fan. Im really not sure where/when and why my obsession with this cute kitty started but its been a few years now. But anywayyyyyyyy, this right here my friends is a steal. The Hello Kitty Wild Thing Makeup Palette is still available online and in store. I was so sad to hear Sephora was discounting this uber cute line but yay for this super deal! The tin was $50 but now you can get it for just $34, and the best part is the matte purple is an exact dupe to makeupforesver’s shadow (this whole tin is literally worth the price of just the purple shadow, at least to me anyway). It comes with 11 other colors that are super bright, vibrant and highly pigmented. An eye liner marker in black , and a cute fun little mirror! I didn’t do a swatch because Im lazy but, if anyone would like to see one I will gladly provide you with that.

What are you waiting for? Hurry!! grab all the Hello Kitty Before shes gone!!


Eye liner in sticker form


Now this is pretty fancy! the Brits think of everything!!….Eyeliner stickers make you look like a pro in minutes with no effort at all! This British line is amazing and affordable. You can even find some of their products via Ulta and Amazon. Check out their site and see everything else they offer! Really thinking about ordering some crystal eye candy 🙂

DIY Blinged out Phone Case


I’m sure you don’t really need me to explain how to do this. BUT!!! you do need to know where you can get super cute Hello Kitty Charms, blinged out CC’s, colorful rhinestones, halved pearls and a million other cute things you can glue on to your case! check out the following sites for all that goodness!!

Wet N Wild Drinking A Glass of Shine Eye Palette


Ok, I’m not a fan of Wet N Wild at all. I actually picked this palette up because the colors on the left side are similar to a palette Sugar Pill Cosmetics carry. And I wanted to test out similar colors before I dropped the $25 for it. I wasn’t expecting much from it, since it is only $5 at least I got my moneys worth from it. The shadows are super talcie and the fall out is insane! the only thing that saved it was a MAC Pigment that I used to blend it out with. Maybe if you used cream eyeshadow as your base the result could possibly work out better. Because eye primer was not doing it. Here is a picture of what I created and helped me decided that I will get that palette from Sugar Pill after all. Image