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Hello My glam dolls! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday experience! I wanted to share this with you because not only is this a great way to try a new brand, but its free, fun, and all you have to do is like and follow the rules of this giveaway!! Good Luck 🙂


Want to win 12 shadows of YOUR (regular line shadows, NOT limited editions) choice? Simply comment below (in one comment, and must have all 12 listed) with your choices and THEN publicly share this picture with all your friends!!! Giveaway ends January 13th @ 6pm CST and winner will be announced via Facebook by 9pm January 13th.

Any submissions AFTER 6pm CST on the 13th will NOT be accounted for.

Prize will come with 12 shadows of your choice, cutely placed in the skull bucket shown!

*This giveaway is NOT affiliated with Facebook and is sole property of Pretty Addictions Cosmetics LLC.

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Hey person staring at my page in either pure joy or totally hatred! either way I love that it has brought you here to me! First thing you should know is that I'm not a blogger! ( I mean technically I am but not really, you follow), Honestly I have no idea how to run this whole website operation but who cares! I'm here to talk about makeup,fashion,sex,lies,and whatever else that may cross our paths! Sit back, relax take a shot or create a page about why you hate me! Send me the link I would love to see it

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  1. 😦 I don’t have a Facebook.

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