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2013: The Year Of Emerald Green


Each year Pantone, the color guru’s of America for the past 50 years, alongside style experts and fashion influencers decide what color should be trending across the globe. And this years color is (drum roll pleaseee) Emerald! A color that Pantone describes as brilliant and luxurious. Emerald green represents balance, harmony  and prosperity. Here are some cute finds that you can easily add to your wardrobe. Lets make 2013 a Kick Ass Kinda Year!!


Everything you see here is from Forever21 besides the shoes. I paired a vibrant emerald green top, a black faux leather skirt and a gold  pearl encrusted cross necklace all for under $50. The shoes are by Sam Edelman, they are this amazinggg gold color (picture does not do it justice),snake skin print with wonderful little black gems and studs. They are a splurge  at $189 but, I own a pair that I found at Nordstroms Rack and OMGGGG they are seriously the most comfortable high heeled shoes I own! Sometimes you can get lucky and find this brand at TJ MAXX or Marshals/Home Goods. Alternative shoe picks are anything in the gold/black family and cheetah print for sure. (I love meeee my animal prints).


Everything you see here is again from Forever21. This is a more avant-garde look but, with the right attitude you could totally rock it out and make it your own. The Tiger has green tones in it and they live in the forest and protect mounds of emeralds! yup, thats what they do in my mind lol. Anyway pair this hi lo tank up with some funky leggings or black hot pants . The faux leather gold studded biker vest is to die for and $42!! And those platform booties I adore, they have gold studding all over the stem and they are on sale!! PS. The Hi Lo tank and Vest are Forever21 Web Online Exclusives.


I should have named this the Forever21 Haul!!…. I love the bright flowers on the jacket it screams spring. The button up is pale white but with a little extra sparkle to pull the look together and get you noticed. Continuing with the Emerald theme a sassy pair of calm diggers and a sexy litte pink mary jane pump will make you look fresher than an Easter bouquet 🙂

But why stop I clothing? lets perk up that face with a few of my NYX Cosmetics favs!!


OMG that Green!!! This eye platte is know as I dream of St. Thomas….I love NYX shawdows they are amazing and super afforable at only $8.50


I own this Liner and I love it! The emerald green color is super highly pigmented and looks amazing by its self, over a neutral brown eye or gold glitter.  $5.50


Another favorite of mine is their loose pearl eye shadow. You can do so much with these loose minerals at only $3.oo

Another one of my favorite cosmetic lines are KA’OIR

kaoir-jamaica jamaica_sm_thumb

If you’re brave enough to go full on green this company has amazing highly pigmented lip color.


And if you want to take it up a notch! with glittteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!! I suggest you get yourself  Force Glitzstick Package.

So, lets have a fun awesome year! I hope you enjoyed what I had to share leave me comments and love 🙂 And if you could take a moment and LIKE my That would be awesome!! XOXO


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  1. I love green! I also got a laugh out of your username, that’s what made me click on your link 🙂

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