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The Perfect New Years Eve Outfit

Why be chained to the same old tired black dress that you wear for everything. Instead funk it up with leather, sequins, velvet, crystal, lace, and mesh just to name a few!! You want to be heart stopping, draw dropping flipping gorgeous!! Here are some of my top picks for you to get your sparkle and glam on!!


1. I adore both these dresses so much, either would turn heads. Question is would you wanna sin  or be an angel? 😛 They can be found at one of my favorite places online! $100 is a steal for such a stunner.


2. The dress on the left is a black mesh inset mini dress. Its extremely cute&sexy and almost a perfect match to what Kim Kardashian was seen in a month ago.I almost forgot to mention that its only $43.70! A steal!!! . The second dress is super funky reminds me of a revamped 70s disco queen. I love this metallic high-low dress and at $37.10 how could you say no? Both can be found at


3. I love my spikes!! This High Low Black Leather Spiked Corset Dress is a Rock Star. Its hard, soft and mega glam. It also comes in a Burgundy colored bottom. Find it in store or online at Forever21 for $29.80. The second dress is for my curvy girls! Its super sweet and is a little reminiscent of Betsey Johnson. This Multi Colored Sequined Dress just screams “Im here for the party!” and at $42.80 why shouldn’t you be?


4. Well HELLLOOOOO Hollywood Starlet!!! The first a Shimmering Silver Glam Half-Sleeve Sequin Party Dress is sensational @ $27.95. And the second In Vogue Bronze Sequin Black Peplum Dress is ultra glam and will earn you a kiss by the end of the night! this one comes in at $32.95.


5. The first dress is the ultimate little black dress. Body formed and amazing lace detail just adds the bit of special at $64.96. And last but not least the T Back Fringe Dress. Its fun/flirty. And you’ll probably end up getting hugged and felt up a lot in this by the end of the night. I believe it is the most expensive on my list but, you really can’t put a price on fringe at $129.90.


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