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Free awesome stuff? ok where do I sign!!


If anyone is familiar with Allure magazine you know that they do great giveaways!!! Get FREE Full-Size Beauty Products From Allure starting January 7th – 11th! These will all start at Noon Eastern Time and they are for the first 500 people who sign up. These are all full size products and each days freebie is listed below:

  • January 7: Bioré Acne Clearing Scrub
  • January 8: Arimino Spice Neo Freeze Keep-wax
  • January 9: Cerave Therapeutic Hand Cream
  • January 10: L’oréal Professionnel True Grip Texturizing Powder
  • January 11: Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads

About GlitteryUnicornButt

Hey person staring at my page in either pure joy or totally hatred! either way I love that it has brought you here to me! First thing you should know is that I'm not a blogger! ( I mean technically I am but not really, you follow), Honestly I have no idea how to run this whole website operation but who cares! I'm here to talk about makeup,fashion,sex,lies,and whatever else that may cross our paths! Sit back, relax take a shot or create a page about why you hate me! Send me the link I would love to see it

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