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MACs “Strength” Collection


I am in love with this Ad!! The dress is to die for and for the brand to use a model that isn’t stick thin and looks like she eats just amps up the wow factor. Are we finally changing our views on beauty? If so I am liking where this could be going. If you haven’t heard yet MAC has released their new 2013 collection Strength.  If you like getting dolled up or perfecting your natural beauty you need to check this out.

Strength includes powerful hues that you can “flex your femininity”and exude confidence and fearlessness anywhere you go.  The collection features  Two Quad Eye Shadow Palettes, 5 Sexy Matte Lipsticks, 2 Lip pencils, an assortment of Brushes and Tools, Blush and Nail Lacquer.


And as of right now all those amazing lipsticks are sold out 😦 people seriously went into hoard mode when this collection was introduced. Currently everything else is available.

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