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DIY Lipstick Palette


Hello Sugar cookie!! Here is yet another fun DIY.

I probably have my own Lipstick factory in my bathroom, purse, room, car, the dark spaces of my mind….That stuff is every where!!! And its super annoying to travel with 20 different colors because I lose them! So, this is a cheap and creative way you can keep your favorite colors near you at all times!! Now I will say this….it is kind of a trial and error process. Some lipstick brands and colors may change in the intensity of the pigment after being melted. NYX lippies usually seem to be the best to melt.

Things that you need-

A candle, a good thick metal spoon, and something to put it in. (ex. mint can, paint palette, pill keeper, re-purpose an eyeshadow palette or just buy one off ebay/amazon.)

1. Light your candle and cut off about 1/4 of the lipstick. And place it in the spoon.

2. Gently and slowly melt the lipstick over the candle because, you don’t want to burn it.

3. Once the consistency turns into a liquid, pour into the container of your choice.

4. Tap it a few times to get the air bubbles out. Let it cool and set up.

5. Clean up any mess with alcohol and cotton swabs.


Get a nice case,sterilize each well with alcohol and dip the lipstick in the alcohol as well before cutting, smoosh the rest into the well and than use a lip brush 🙂

(PS.not sure why certain words are highlighted.)

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