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Omgeee squeals of glee

20121212-105147.jpgBahahaha this picture is basically what my life is. My boyfriend thinks I have a makeup addiction. I see it as adding to my collection. But, now his Xbox games are totally different. And it’s my Xbox! He’s obsessed being a dragon slayer (Skyrim). And I’m in love with all the pretty colors that I can cake onto my face. Although, I admit maybe I do have to much glitter……..Nahhhhhh šŸ™‚

About GlitteryUnicornButt

Hey person staring at my page in either pure joy or totally hatred! either way I love that it has brought you here to me! First thing you should know is that I'm not a blogger! ( I mean technically I am but not really, you follow), Honestly I have no idea how to run this whole website operation but who cares! I'm here to talk about makeup,fashion,sex,lies,and whatever else that may cross our paths! Sit back, relax take a shot or create a page about why you hate me! Send me the link I would love to see it

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